PJ Voorhees - Riverfront Talks Lyrics
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    Riverfront Talks

    The ghost behind the bathroom door
    An ailment with a crystal cure
    And all the people who adore
    The love you pour; They just want more

    A rough sketch of your ideal self
    The piles of textbooks on your shelf
    Your music is your mental health
    The good, the bad, the wrong

    And back when I had money
    We went to the riverfront
    You seemed to know everything
    You were in my place once

    And soon I'll see you graduate;
    Across the stage you'll walk
    You'll go to collegе out of state
    My memory holds our Riverfront Talks

    Comforting word from soothing voicе
    Try to lead me to the right choice
    A hot tea makes the soul rejoice
    And soothes the very restless boys

    Precocious precautionary
    A young savant is wary
    But takes the time to indulge me
    As I raise my voice in song

    Tells me that I'm funny
    Only the best under-class
    You seem to know everything
    You handle me like delicate glass

    And soon I'll see you graduate
    Across the stage you'll walk
    You'll go to college out of state

    Reminisce upon the Riverfront Talks
    My being holds our Riverfront Talks

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