OldWorlDisorder - Shyhalüde Lyrics
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    There are times, when I find myself, transfixed like a shadow on the wall. Or the splashing of water against a stone. I stare at it as hours pass. The world around me drops away. Replaced by worlds being created and destroyed by my imagination

    "Focus your mind"

    Old...world...disorder {x4}

    [Verse One: Skam and Shadowman]
    Forget the glamour for a minute, just focus on the center
    Oldworldisorder, the parallel dimension
    Time is absolute, in a minute we wait for no man
    Y'all don't know Skam, go 'head and televise your program
    In my alien abduction in a flying Cadillac
    Forget the people playing roles, yo they don't know how to act
    Full of fuel injected dreams, getting gassed from the back
    All the fame in they vein, my world spread like flame
    We burning with imagination
    Only thing you can blame is that old [?] surgical steal
    That [?] liquid sword that I wield
    For real I got secrets more dangerous than yours
    Rap verses hip hop, make the strangest awards
    Man we just ain't human, we've become something more
    My mentals roll like skateboards on linoleum floors
    Shooting like poison darts out of booby trap doors
    Your resistance means nothing to us, you get floored
    Like the Federations first contact with The Board

    It is my will alone I set something off indeed
    I take a sip of the juice, my thoughts grow in speed
    If the juice leave stain my brain take it as a warning
    Skam and Shadowman, no plan, we just zoning

    "Focus your mind"
    "Renegade rapper, rip when it's prime time" - Redman 'Hardcore'

    [Verse Two]
    My words caught you with light like waking up out a coma
    Seeping through your skin affecting you like melanoma
    While the aroma of truth makes your nostrils burn
    In my brain raise from rhythm like [?] the worm
    And soon turns will change to virus infect your brain
    The Shadow's lyrical strain, scheme some inhumane
    Brothers who's sick and tired of lyric atrocities
    While your mind makes rhymes easy to find like glossaries
    I'm stopping these freaking dummies like red lights
    Sick of seeing lyrical zombies like Walking Dead Night
    [?] like an Alka Seltzer tablet
    Me and Skam Top Gun watching you Jester's fake Maverick
    But a bigger picture takes a train odyssey
    [?] when brothers lie to be
    Or some try to be to the monotony
    It seems they've all forgotten me
    Every time I come out, all these dummies they're trying to copy me
    My name creativity
    Oh yeah you living G
    I once ruled this rap biz but now [?] visit me
    But through some twist of fate or even creepy visitry
    Some brothers cut through the stakes with razor sharp imagery


    [Verse Three]
    Fear is the mind killer
    I must ignore the pain
    Which is poison at my jugular or burning in my brain
    Staring at the sands of time and the desert is vast
    Return my world to the glory of it's century's past
    While they ask the creator, "Will I fulfill my task?"
    Will I be able to enjoy my son and enriches I've amassed?
    As it unfurls I find this world is as fragile as glass
    Like the forest of misfortune plus there's snakes in the grass
    But at last, brothers be out to blast your man for cash
    You call it a lavish life in a Bible of balderdash

    If you ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lie
    Shady schemes, super spot from in my A.M.I
    A lot of suckers try to bust rapping buggier than us
    But can't do nothing to us
    On any plane of reality
    [?] for the matter
    See the world collide and shatter
    In the circle of existence between me and my shadow
    The battle's been ending
    Put down your gun and your knife
    You've just been caught up in what you knew about life
    And found out it wasn't enough
    Man you still will slaughter them
    Every day you do they job for them
    You steal and rob from them
    Break away from your time
    Trying to put us in place
    You better off trying to swallow the bottom half of your face
    Your ace just got jacked
    Put down your gun and your knife
    You've just been caught up in what
    You thought you know about life

    Your ace just got jacked
    Put down your gun and your knife
    You've just been caught up in what
    You thought you know about life


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