Jenny B - Live in an Apartment? Here Are Some Home Security Tips for You Lyrics

Live in an Apartment? Here Are Some Home Security Tips for You Lyrics

Jenny B
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    Live in an Apartment? Here Are Some Home Security Tips for You

    There is limited flexibility to enhance security if you live in an apartment. The entry points for burglars and potential criminals may be limited, but the front traffic may come with thievery risks

    However, there are several Nest home security systems such as locks you can adopt to secure your apartment, whether at home or away. They are low cost, easy to install and offer adequate protection against potеntial criminals. In that regard, you may consider the following:

    Chеck Your Renter’s Insurance
    Renter’s insurance protects you and your belongings in the event they are stolen. Several apartments have this feature as a requirement before you rent one. If your apartment doesn’t have one, please, make sure to buy a policy from your insurance company. It is a simple process, and you have the option of packaging it with your current insurance

    The personal property section of a renter’s insurance policy is the most significant consideration. Take a close look at the items the provider covers and the amount you’ll be compensated if your items are stolen. Increase the policy coverage if the accrued benefits trail your valuables

    Add Locks
    Despite every apartment having pre-installed locks on the entry points, it is vital to add more locks on your doors and windows. You can opt for chain locks or deadbolts to enhance the security of your apartment

    But, before you add locks, check your lease agreement to see if it allows you to do so. If unsure, be sure to liaise with the landlord to confirm whether or not you can add more locks

    Create the Illusion You’re Home
    Serial burglars study an apartment before breaking in. Your movement patterns are what may give them a hint about whether or not you are at home. To confuse them, you need to create an illusion you’re at home, even though you’re away. You might leave some lights or TV on. Home automation tools and smart devices allow you to program certain features in your apartment to switch on or off at specific times, creating the illusion you’re at home

    Install a Security System
    A security system should be the first consideration when considering ways to enhance your apartment security. You should consider motion detectors, door and window sensors, security cameras, etc. This way, you will get alerts anytime an intruder is in your apartment

    Consider a professionally monitored security system if you have the cash. If not, assemble a DIY security system and install it. It is affordable, easy to install, and offers an adequate security cover around your apartment

    Check Your Smoke and Gas Sensors
    Check if your apartment has smoke and gas sensors installed. Cross-check to ensure they function correctly. The smoke detectors and carbon monoxide will enhance the apartment’s safety and save your life in the event of gas leakage and fire outbreak

    Create an Exit Plan
    Evaluate your apartment to identify a perfect escape plan. There should be an emergency exit in case of a fire or other hazard. Most apartments have staircases leading to the ground level, which can serve as a good escape route

    Final Thoughts
    Despite the apartment having limited security enhancement options, there are ways you can employ to keep yourself and your valuables safe. Evaluate your apartment, neighborhood, and the lease arrangement to identify the most reliable security feature to deploy

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