Gucci Mane - A Lot Lyrics
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    A Lot

    [Intro: DJ Drama]
    Shoutout to [?] !
    Shout to V12
    Trendsetter Six! (Gangsta!)
    Shoutout to Willie the Kid!
    DJ Drama fuck these niggas up!

    [Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
    My time piece custom
    Tennis shoes custom
    90 bricks just passed customs
    I ain't even touched 'em, may not even bust 'em
    Any rapper challenge me, verbal race dust 'em
    I guess you not accustomed
    You got on a costume, acting like a ba-boon
    Slap you with a barstool, like 4-Set rush him
    Everybody jumped him
    Gucci Mane so bossed up don't make me get to hush him
    God can only judge me, Lord can only judge him
    He don't have a pulse so guess somebody stuck him
    Gucci got a fly mouth, somebody punch 'em
    Last nigga tried that head look like a pumpkin
    I don't give a fuck if you fucks don't give a fuck

    How many cars do you got? (A lot)
    How many times have you popped ya Glock? (A lot)
    How many times have you cruised the block? (A lot)
    How many haters do you think I got? (A lot)
    How many times am I talked about? (A lot)
    How much money do you think I got? (A lot)
    How many more men might get shot? (A lot)
    How many more men might get shot? (A lot)

    [Verse 2: Gucci Mane]
    Gucci got an arsenal
    Heard he ride with carbon-15s with grenade launchers on 'em
    Tech nine with the cool it on it
    If you wanna take it off me, I'll put all my jewelry on it
    Take it, Fuck, Replace it, Ain't no need to put insurance on it
    Homie got an eye problem, momma need insurance on him
    Like my nigga Waka Flocka, don't wanna bag of money
    Sniper rifle shoot yo pussy ass from around the corner
    I be riding in my Lamborghini ('Ghini) sexing women
    Thinking back, when I was in cutlass with no air condition
    This track is a car collision
    Think I got a heart condition
    Clique got so much jewelry on, leave yo ass with blurry vision
    Honestly, I pay so much money I can't wear True Religion
    Y'all niggas be truly snitching
    Stop asking 'bout Uncle Russel
    You niggas no competition
    It's Gucci, it's Gucci


    [Verse 3: Gucci Mane]
    Gucci Mane phenomenon
    Napkins with three numbers on 'em
    Fucking with a rubber on
    Yellow lamb, yellow blunt
    Me and Monnie got a blunt
    You and rats don't get along
    No you cannot have a loan right now 'cause I'm never home
    Pictures on my camera phone, make a nigga wanna rap
    Wanna be like Gucci Mane, Wanna live off in the trap
    No this ain't the life until you think before you enter
    Hungry ass a nigga had the singles out in Libra
    Make you a believer when you see me with the eagle
    Street sweeper shootin' people 'cause they think they deeper
    Deeper then this rap shit dead people can't type
    Blind mind can't see Gucci knock your head off out



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