Depeche Mode - Condemnation [Paris Mix - Video Edit] Lyrics
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    Condemnation [Paris Mix - Video Edit]

    [Verse 1: Dave Gahan]
    Condemnation, tried
    Here on the stand with the book in my hand
    And truth on my side
    Accusations, lies
    Hand me my sentence, I'll show no repentance
    I'll suffer with pride

    [Chorus 1: Dave Gahan]
    If for honesty you want apologies
    I don't sympathise
    If for kindness you substitute blindness
    Please open your eyes

    [Verse 2: Dave Gahan]
    Condemnation, why?
    Because my duty was always to beauty
    And that was my crime
    Feel elation, high
    To know I can trust this fix of injustice
    Time after time

    [Chorus 2: Dave Gahan]
    If you see purity as immaturity
    Well, it's no surprise
    If for kindness you substitute blindnеss
    Please open your еyes


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