Camouflage - A Picture of Life [Rough Mix] Lyrics
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    A Picture of Life [Rough Mix]

    [Verse 1: Marcus Meyn]
    A fine, young man
    A paint of life
    Dislikes himself
    In the mirror
    We saw him off
    We talked of love
    We talked of sin
    And forget... him

    [Verse 2: Marcus Meyn]
    A fine young man
    A paint of life
    Died alone
    In the gutter
    We drank the wine
    We felt the pain
    But no one felt
    Like his mother


    [Verse 3: Marcus Meyn]
    Father's upset
    His coward eyes thought
    He scorned his son
    We shook our heads
    And turned ourselves
    We also denied
    That we knew him


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