Benzor II - The Astral Forest Baffles Me with Its Absurdity as I Lose Myself in the Limbo of Dreams Lyrics

The Astral Forest Baffles Me with Its Absurdity as I Lose Myself in the Limbo of Dreams Lyrics

Benzor II
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    The Astral Forest Baffles Me with Its Absurdity as I Lose Myself in the Limbo of Dreams

    A harpoon penetrates me and pulls me further from the consummated land
    Stare into my moulded eyes and desecrate my anomalous body
    Those ravenous creatures confabulate novel and autonomous experiences through me
    With many filthy hounds of hell, the misery I bring is ever-present

    Municipal congestions clog and tear open my already temperamental arteries
    Austere apparitions corrupt my fatal and grandiose coffin of malignant sadism
    I rejected the order of being and disfigured the face of creation and man
    Deformed caricatures, I’ve been saved to destroy, whilst their love guides me, they plot my demise

    My future here will atrophy and fuel the decimation of my bestial appendages
    The sovereign suffers through me, within my endless superfluous expansion

    Oh, I really do not know how I’ll dissolve on this fallow conservation
    The somersaults I perform which have led me into this performative barotrauma
    The night is naked and pale as I disappear in the fog of an electrocuting fire
    An army of militant aggressors possess me and divulge all of my greatest secrets

    The attrition of my perilous movement in a corroded verisimilitude
    Infinitesimal strife forms an unreconstructable message by which I am adorned
    The ember spills and the fires exude a flagrant perfunctory stench
    They’re chafing my skin with the brick walls of limbo, and I comply for I have nothing else

    A room full of sacrificial parables scrams with the most indecent of truths
    Impatiently I wait for the facsimile as my rage confuses those beneath me
    I confine and compress all those in my vicinity, and relish my paroxysm
    Brandishing my latest atrocity, I’m alienated further as she whispers her conspiracies

    An innocuous sickness
    Has destroyed my face
    I breathe in the conjugal horrors of pollution

    If not for the moon
    Then how could I breathe?
    I let the most bizarre demons burn with me

    And If it wasn’t for the aether
    I might still be alive
    Forever they will suffer my search for decay

    All this failure taught me
    Is that there is no escape
    A pulmonary infection marks my tongue

    Inconspicuously they gather
    As they distort my pain
    I adopt their mannerisms as I fall into despair

    This filthy home
    My own little joke
    I’m languishing these forlorn issues of corruption

    I clamber above
    Humiliating clamour
    My favourite position to teach and commit treason

    And still, I am nothing
    No one remembers my name
    I’m haunted by the faces of those who never come to call

    I submit to you
    As I roam indefinitely
    These shadows here make a mockery of my conjectures

    I hate the fucking extracts I embrace
    A superficial, nebulous spasm forbids my grace
    For a fixture of a bestial fortitude
    A simple commonality deforms my vertebrae
    Our time of collapse defines my prosperity
    We take our lives here and surrender to the scythe

    I was seeking love, love?
    Yes, that of which I am incapable
    Mocked by an eternity of silence


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