Alex Dionisio - Mom and Dad Lyrics
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    Mom and Dad

    This is a quick one but a necessary one, much necessary
    Gotta say this
    Mother and father, my real ones, biological, mom and dad
    Now I see a schism between me and you, a little different
    But this is how it is supposed to be, brilliant
    Now, I think for myself
    I learned the lessons they taught me
    I love ‘em
    I love ‘em for that
    But I gotta go my own path
    You know what I mean
    Every child does this
    Opposite streams
    Divine, as a separate being
    But also one with you
    I love you
    And I see the heartbreak of a mother losing her children…
    Not by death but separation… of living circumstances
    But this is how it should be, the different dances
    As Alex is, is doing now here
    You hear me loud and clear
    My pops helped me with taxes
    I’m going to pronounce this exactly as it should
    Because I appreciate them
    As I’m making it happen
    As I’m making my way in the world
    As I’m praying that you do good
    And you will
    I know you will
    It’s supposed to be like this
    It will go along the road nice and smooth
    I believe it, trust me
    Love me ‘cause I love you
    And I already know that you do too
    There’s no hatred
    There’s no disdain
    There's no bitter feelings
    No animosity
    And like I said it’s not probably, it’s definite
    This is def as shit
    I think that’s it


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